"No matter how few possessions you own or how little money you have, loving wildlife and nature will make you rich beyond measure." - Paul Oxton.




A trail is not a hike, it is not a safari, and it is not a personal endurance test. A Wilderness Trail is a deeply profound experience that provides you with the chance to return to your natural habitat. It is a digital detox from the hustle and bustle of regular life. It is a chance to re-wild yourself, build a connection with the natural world, and get inspired by the rhythm of nature.

Your experience at Outdoor Africa is carefully facilitated by guides who are arguably some of the best in Africa. The meals are beyond what you could imagine is possible in the wilderness, and the Wilderness Trails with the Wilderness Leadership School are unlike any other trail experience. You simply have to experience it to fully understand the power of a Wilderness Leadership School Trail. 

  • We have some of the best guides in Africa. 
  • We have over sixty years of experience and an incident free track record. 
  • Incredible food – you will not be eating baked beans and bully beef. Our trail food is world renowned.
  • High quality equipment.
  • Fully inclusive rates including transport, all gate fees, overnight fees and no hidden costs. 
  • It is not a simple walk or a hike, our trails are carefully facilitated experiences of nature and wilderness. 
  • Highest level of professionalism and service – we get things right!
  • Our trails are THE original Wilderness Trail experience. The Wilderness Leadership School pioneered the concept over sixty years ago. Few other trails match our ethics and outcomes. 
  • As a non profit organisation, your trail fees directly contribute to conservation.

Some aspects of our trails include:

  • Sleeping under the stars and returning to the simplicity of life where cellphones, watches and deadlines are something of the past. Everything is done by the rhythm of nature.
  • Each trailist is required to do 1 to 2 hours of “night watch” during which the fire must be kept alive and a look out must be kept for potentially dangerous animals whilst the rest of the group sleeps. 
  • The trail group becomes a “clan” where teamwork, cooperation and looking out for each other is critical aspects. The trails operate under a principle of Hlonipa, which means “respect” in Zulu. Respect for each other, respect for wildlife and respect for the wilderness. 
  • Two armed wilderness guides accompany the group. These guides spend 2000 + hours per year in the wilderness area and are widely considered as some of the best in Africa. 
  • Days are spent walking between camping sites. The distances walked vary from day to day and are done in accordance with group dynamics, fitness levels and needs. Some groups prefer to sit and watch the river go by whilst others prefer to trek deeper and deeper into the Wilderness. 
  • Meals are prepared by the guides. Our guides are masters at preparing fresh wholesome meals in the Wilderness and have even been featured in several cooking networks. 

Our trail rates are all inclusive.

The Wilderness Leadership School provides:

  • Experienced guides to guide you and ensure your safety. 
  • Personal attention – trails are limited to eight people.
  • All camping equipment including ground sheets, foam mattresses, sleeping bags, rucksacks, cooking utensils, eating utensils, toilet-paper, spades and water containers. 
  • Three meals per day. 
  • Transport from a designated meeting place to the wilderness area (Excluded from Pilanesberg Trails). 
  • Trail fees are covered including all gate fees and overnight fees. There are no hidden costs. 
  • A detailed suggested packing list prior to your trail departure. 

Trails vary from three to five days with some groups opting for extra days for their programs. We, however, recommend a five day option as being optimal. The real magic starts happening on day three!

Dates can be scheduled for specialist groups anytime throughout the year. Each season has its own special feel in the Wilderness. 

As we limit the number of trails running at any one time, School Holiday periods can be booked up very quickly, so we advise scheduling your trail dates as early as possible.

Our trail locations include:

  • iMfolozi Game Reserve
  • iSimangaliso Wetland Park (World Heritage Site)
  • Drakensberg Mountains (World Heritage Site)
  • Pilanesberg National Park
  • Wild Coast
  • Okavango Delta, Botswana

Your guides are some of the most experienced in Africa, specifically trained to ensure your safety during encounters with wildlife such as Rhinos, Lions, Elephants, Buffalos and other when on foot.  They also facilitate your wilderness experience and give you a deep and meaningful insight into Africa and the wilderness area. 

For many, this experience inevitably also opens up a deep insight into yourself. Reconnecting with nature at such a profound level changes the way you see the world, yourself and your experiences in the modern world. 

Our guides have a vast amount of experience as they spend over 2000 hours a year in the Wilderness. 

For specialist groups, we have a range of facilitators such as business leadership experts, clinical psychologists, personal development gurus and wilderness survival skills experts. 

The Wilderness Leadership School Trails are all inclusive, meaning you do not need to worry about anything!

Our trails include transport from Durban, or the nearest airport, and all your trail equipment. You just have to get yourself to our establishment. 

For individuals staying at lodges or nearby hotels, we can arrange a pick up and drop off. If you require assistance with pre- and post-trail accommodation and other logistics, we are more than happy to assist you with this!

We also have basic accommodation and catering available for groups wishing to stay at our beautiful historic headquarters in Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve in Durban. 

Q: Special Dietary Requirements and Allergies?

A: Our guides are master cooks and we have catered for all sorts of allergies and special dietary requirements. Let us know prior to your trail if you have any special requirements and we will make all necessary arrangements. 

Q: How many people can go on a trail?

A: Each trail accommodates between six to eight trialists. For a party of one or two people, we will try and join the party with another group or alternatively our exclusive trail can be booked. 

Q: Are the trails guided and safe?

A: Two experienced, armed guides lead each trail. The Wilderness Leadership School’s Trails has also been incident free for more than sixty years.  

Q: Where do we sleep?

A: You set up camp in an area chosen by your guide and sleep under the stars, which is a once in a lifetime experience in its own right. Each trailist is expected to stand 1-2 hours of night watch and guard the fire while others sleep. 

Q: How fit do I need to be to do a trail?

A: You do not need to be especially fit, provided you are over the age of 15 years, are healthy, can carry a rucksack and manage a few kilometres of walking each day. The duration of the daily walks are customised for your comfort. A trail is NOT an endurance test but should be a relaxing experience. 

Q: Is there cellphone reception on the trail?

A: No sophistication (including cellphones, watches, music or liquor) is allowed on the trail. Trust us, you will love the experience of being disconnected for a few days. 

Q: Is this a Malaria area?

A: Although we do recommend mosquito repellent, our trail venues are not malaria risk areas, with the exception of the Okavango Trails in Botswana. 





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Outdoor Africa was formed in 2009 by Hayden Elliott and Peter Kummerfeldt with the sole purpose of offering safaris of the same level of quality and authenticity that they experienced while growing up in Africa.






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