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Sleeping in is sometimes the greatest gift, and this morning we all celebrated being able to wake up after the sun had already presented itself in the South African sky. I awoke slightly earlier than the group to enjoy a cup of coffee and a few free moments to blog and catch up with things back home. It was another brisk morning, with a grey drizzle that highlighted the colors of the bird life as they skirted and chirped between branches, rooftops, and feeding stations.

Around 8:30, the whole gang meandered out of their grass-topped dwellings and made way to the dining area for a fantastic warm breakfast of eggs, breads, cereals, yogurt, and lamb sausage.

A Quick Flight to the Sea

Today was set up as a travel day to take us from Finfoot Lake Reserve near Pilanesberg, to the Eastern-most province of South Africa, Kwa-Zulu Natal. We had to transfer out to the airport near Pretoria, hop a flight down to Durban, and then make our way North to the quaint little ocean-side town of St. Lucia. But first, we wanted to show the kids an amazing museum: The Cradle of Humankind.

The Cradle of Humankind

South Africa is home to some of the oldest and most unique hominid fossils ever discovered. This specific discovery location is very nearby and a wonderful interactive museum is there to teach the history of humanity. The group had a great time viewing hominid fossils, taking a boat ride through the ages of the earth, and learning more about humanity’s common ancestry. It was a fantastic little stop-off along the way and made for an enlightening and educational understanding of our place in the history of the world, and our ties to the great continent of Africa.

“All humanity shares an African heritage. We are one diverse species across the globe, with our roots in Africa,”

New experiences tomorrow!

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5 Star Trip Advisor Reviews

We enjoyed laughter, sunsets, elephants tussling and drinking water, hippos in St. Lucia estuary, dipping our toes in the Indian Ocean and so much more. It truly was a wonderful, memorable visit that will linger inside us forever. Thank you Outdoor Africa!


TripAdvisor User
5 Star Trip Advisor Reviews

THANK YOU OUTDOOR AFRICA for providing me with the experience of a lifetime. Toby customized the trip based on our specific preferences and abilities. Hayden was truly a wealth of knowledge about all things South African and I learned to really appreciate nature in a way that I never had before.


TripAdvisor User
5 Star Trip Advisor Reviews

We could not have had a better trip! My husband worked with Toby Brown in the U.S. who then coordinated with Hayden Elliott over in SA. We had three weeks with Hayden driving us the entire time. His knowledge of the area, animals, birds, etc. was amazing.


TripAdvisor User

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