The How, What and Why


Traveling to South Africa may seem like a lot of work. With that comes a lot of questions. Check out our frequently asked questions below. Don't see yours? Contact us today.

Have a question?

If your questions are not answered below, please don’t hesitate to send us an email! We will provide you with answers as promptly as possible. Thanks for thinking of Outdoor Africa for your Southern African experience! We look forward to showing you the wonderful sights of Southern Africa.

How long do your safaris' last?

Our safaris are entirely custom designed around you and your group. Tours can be as long (or as short) as needed to meet the goals of your trip. Our "typical" safari tour would be around 14 days.

How small or large a group can Outdoor Africa handle for a safari?

Outdoor Africa has done as little as 2 people and as many as 40. While our typical minimum is 6 persons, for a slightly greater fee, we are willing to handle less than the minimum.

How many people fit in each vehicle?

Transport to and from your destinations will vary depending on group size. However, when you arrive to a safari park, groups may sometimes be transported to open safari vehicles. These vehicles hold up to 10 safari guests, but as a general rule we like to arrange to have enough vehicles for our guests to “spread out” and enjoy a relaxed and sight-filled excursion without feeling cramped.

I’m not American, so why does my payment have to be in American dollars?

As a general rule, it doesn’t. Our online invoicing and credit/debit card processing is currently handled by our branch in the States. This provides the convenience of making your payments directly online via processors like Square and Paypal. It gives our customers the peace of mind that their credit card information is being handled by verified, third-party sources, and allows us the convenience of invoicing customers in a fast and easy way. While this does force us to adjust costs a little for currency exchanges and processing fees, we feel that the typical surcharges are more often less than what your bank would charge you to wire transfer directly to our bank in South Africa. That being said, if a wire transfer is a more convenient and less costly way for you to make payment, we are happy to utilize that payment method as well. It’s our goal to make the payment process as easy as possible for our individual clients.

We booked a day-safari and would like to pay in cash upon arrival. Is this possible?

Given the organization involved in setting up a day-safari, we require that full payment be made, as per the booking conditions, prior to your scheduled day-safari. This allows us to make reservations, arrange for meals, and ensure any additional staff that may be required for the day. For safety and liability reasons, we also prefer not to have our guides holding large amounts of cash while out in the bush and guiding tours. Lastly, an upfront payment also helps us ensure that our clients commit to their day-safari, as we have had clients in the past that just don’t show up.

But we are arriving on a cruise ship, and cruise ships often allow us to pay for excursions on the day-of. Why can’t we do that with Outdoor Africa?

We would like to note that we are not, in any way, affiliated with the cruise liners.  The cruise liners tend to use very large tour bus operators that cater to "mass tourism" and run fleets of 44-seater buses. The guides that we use are hand selected and top notch in their field to ensure the very best safari experience for our clients.  Given the intimate nature of our tours and the effort involved in putting them together, we feel your forethought to book outside of the cruise-excursion list will be well worth the commitment to a more private safari experience.  As for why the prepayment is required, please refer to the previous question.

Can we add people to our group last minute?

While we always love more customers, due to the organization involved in planning our safaris, we prefer to have all group members committed and prepaid at least 90 days prior to your scheduled safari. While some exceptions may be made, these would have to be discussed directly with the staff of Outdoor Africa.