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We're constantly looking for new travel tips, places to explore, and sharing our adventures with our followers. Read on below to learn more about us, our experiences and South Africa.

For the love of lions! – Joy Resor Safari

The morning started off bright and early as we entered the pilanesberg gate at 6am. An amazing sunrise greeted us with displays of lilac, teal, and deep orange fading into a turquoise sky! Although game was scarce to start off, we finally found some zebra and a herd of wildebeest. On one of the loop…
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A stripy day! – Joy Resor Safari

Our wonderful client, Joy Resor, from Brevard, NC, had an amazing start to her safari! On her first day on safari to Pilanesberg, she had great and intimate sightings of a whole plethora of plains game, as well as her first Elephant sighting! Although the grass is very tall after some good rains, the scenery…
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Back North and some New Experiences

We had another long drive ahead of us. An early rise and we were on our way! We drove through the Free-State, which is another beautiful part of South Africa through which I have never been. Rolling hills, local cattle, cliffsides, huge skies, and a cool breeze accompanied us along the way as we moved…
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A journey through historic Zululand!

We woke up early (as is the norm) and while Jackie did some last minute packing, Hayden, Ali, and I made a last ditch effort to find that elusive cheetah!  As you may have guessed, this was to NO avail! This cheetah endeavor will be the death of me, but regardless of the desire to…
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Richard’s Bay and Mkhuze Game Reserve

We woke up early Sunday morning in sunny Richard’s Bay and decided we wanted to go see the sunrise from the beach overlooking the Indian Ocean. Unfortunately, after waking and dressing and walking a bit to get to the ocean, our special key to get through the gate to get down to the water failed…
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Kosi Bay and a lot of Rhino!

We woke up fully refreshed at Kosi Forest Lodge and got out early for a canoe excursion on one of the rivers connecting the Kosi Bay lake and estuary system. It was just Ali and I on this one, as Hayden and Jackie had stayed at a different lodge for the prior evening and none…
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